The power of coconut oil!

The power of coconut oil!

We at Vanessa’s Secret have been experimenting with extra virgin coconut oil and all the tips and tricks we have that you can use that will keep your skin glowing , teeth white and hair tamed!



Coconut oil is fantastic to moisturise your whole body with, it will keep you smooth and soft for days also will leave you smelling like a coconut yum!



Don’t have a tan? Look no further coconut oil is a natural SPF 2-8 protection and will give you a heck of a tan!. For further sun protection mix with a waterproof high SPF sunscreen.


Taming the hair!

In summer most of us ladies will get dry hair and will frizz up due to humidity even hair colour damage.No need for those hair products that you have no idea what’s in them! . Coconut oil is your answer before every hair wash apply coconut oil from root to tip , leave in for 30 minutes then wash hair very well to make sure you have no oil residue. Your hair will be strong and healthy! You will turn into a hair goddess!


Teeth whitening!

It’s weird I know but this works! A table spoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 10 minutes! Will give you shiny pearls! After 10 minutes rinse out your mouth with warm water.


We used only organic extra virgin coconut oil from Woolworths Australia

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