Hydratherapy Replenishing Eye Cream 30ml



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Replenishing Eye Cream with CoEnzyme Q10 & Vitamin E.

A specifically-formulated eye cream for specific application around the delicate skin of the eye area, Hydratherapy’s Replenishing Eye Cream contains a unique combination of Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, giving the cream an emollient effect on the skin.

The inclusion of Jojoba Oil in the formulation helps the skin to act as lubrication for dry skin by forming a thin non-greasy lipoid layer around the eyes. The continuous use of the Hydratherapy Replenishing Eye Cream will make your eye area smoother, while tightening the skin and preventing early aging signs.

Smoother, younger looking skin from Hydratherapy.
Anti Wrinkle System

For best results, use with Hydratherapy Day Cream SPF 15 and Hydratherapy Night Cream.


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