Huda Beauty – 3D Highlighter Palette- Pink Sands




What it is:
A set of four beach-inspired shades to create a seamless, three-dimensional glow.
What it does:
Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette is available in two separate sets to complement different skin tones. The Pink Sands palette for for fair-to-medium skin tones with beige undertones is inspired by the soft golds and rosey hues of European islands, while the Gold Sands palette for medium-to-dark skin tones with golden undertones is inspired by the tropical richness of exotic destinations. Both sets of highlighting colours perfect Huda’s beauty hack of layering facial oils with powder highlight to smooth skin’s texture and amplify glow. A creamy base hue formulated with shea butter truly helps the pearlescent pigments of the other highlighter shades shine their brightest for an incredibly dewy look without an unnatural glitter finish.


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