5 ways to disguise a bad hair day!

Don’t you just hate when your trying to style your hair and it just isn’t happening! Or you haven’t got time on your hands but need to be out of the house fast? ,

We have some tips to tame the mane!

1. Dry Shampoo is key! If you haven’t had time to wash your hair , get some dry shampoo and style , this will refresh your hair and give you instant volume to style.

2. The Bun! Chuck your hair up in a neat or messy bun , you can also use a hair donut for a neater sleek look.

3. Hair Extension Ponytails!

These are a great way to style and are extremely quick to put in, you can do a high or low pony tail and still look fab!

4. Half up Half Down!

If you don’t feel like wearing your hair up but still can’t get away with it completely down , you can use the top half of your hair and do a quick tie up.

5. Braids!

You can style your hair with the traditional braid or experiment with different braiding techniques.

There you have it ladies! No more stress or fuss with how to deal with a bad hair day!

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